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Nana reveals that all her tattoos are real and she got them because she felt like it

Around seven days earlier, Nana dazed fans with photos of her new tattoos overall around her body. The photos set off a warmed conversation among her fans about whether the tattoos were real or short lived for the headway of the new film.

With constant conversation last week, Nana’s office made a declaration addressing the request in regards to Nana’s tattoo. Anyway, the association figured out, “Assuming no one cares either way, appreciate that it’s difficult to reply since it’s our specialist’s classified life,” further growing the interest in Nana’s tattoo.

Then, on September 27, Nana eventually addressed the requests concerning her tattoos and revealed that they were veritable. During the round table discussion for the advancement of the Netflix series ‘Mistake’ that was held tight this day at the CGV theater in Yongsan I-Park Retail plaza, Nana figured out, “I got the tattoos since I expected to.”

Meanwhile, Nana plays the individual Heo Bo Ra in the new series ‘Blunder.’ Heo Bo Ra is an untouchable chaser, and Nana got a handle on, “Bo Ra is a person who tracks weird quirks and pariahs. The sweeping idea of the individual was set by the boss at this point I moreover gave thoughts. Bo Ra has a lot of tattoos and wears splendid outfits. I expected to put importance in all of her tattoos so I carefully picked the articulations or drawing for the tattoo.”

Nana further made sense of, “I didn’t approach an interest because of the character of Bo Ra. I got these tattoos since I expected to. So these are tattoos that I squeezed before long.”


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